Camel ride in Morocco Desert

Moroccan Camel Riding Experiences

When people think of the Saharan and Morccan Ergs and dune seas, their mind often immediately conjours images of camel rides and Lawrence of Arabia.

With Morocco Sunny Days, we can include camel rides on your tour and make that vision become a reality – in fact Lawrence of Arabia was filmed in Morocco and the famous studios are still there!

We operate several tour routes that allow for overnight stays in locations such as Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga, both of which allow for 1.5 hour camel rides through the dunes.

What about quad bikes?

If the idea camel riding gives you the hump, then we can organise for you to hire a quad bike instead! Just get in touch for booking details to find out more >>

Tours that include Camel Rides

morocco SUNNY DAYS (20)

Moroccan tour like no other, your Sea and Mountain journey will both begin and end in the busy heart of Marrakech


If you wish for a more spiritual connection to your visit, this promises a  Moroccan tour experience like no other.

morocco SUNNY DAYS (19)

Unlike many of our other Morocco tours, our historical tour journey begins in Casablanca and ends in Marrakech,

Day Trip To Essaouira

Although you can easily find day trips to Fez from Marrakech, taking the long way round has its own rich rewards,

Visit Morocco Your Way

We love enabling our guests from North America and Europe to experience the dunes of the Sahara, but we know that there is more to Morocco than just sand!

This is a country rich in history and culture, from modern cities with a European feel, to ancient Kasbahs in the High Atlas Mountains.

Morocco Sunny Days is dedicated to letting you visit this amazing country your own way, with fully customizable trips and tours.

Just get in touch to start planning your perfect Moroccan experience.

You will be picked up by car from your hotel and transferred to Agafay Desert  for a unique dining experience. 

Chez Ali Marrakech Fantasia Show is an evening of dance and folk music, where dancers and acrobats entertain.

A hot air balloon ride in Marrakech allows you to see Marrakech from the air, which is a very special experience.

Camel Riding in Morocco FAQs

Done well, Camel riding is completely ethical. Camels have been bred for centuries in this part of the world and are uniquely adapted to both the desert conditions as well as the extra weight of the average adult human. We’re careful only to partner with camel ride operators who can be trusted to take good care of their animals. It may come as no surprise, but camels aren’t cheap and one that is not cared for will soon be unfit for giving camel rides, further incentivising excellent care for the owners (as if having a heart wasn’t enough!). We limit camel rides to 1.5 hours in the desert for the comfort of our guests and for our camels who earn their rest.
Not all all! Even for the differently abled, with the skilled camel guide at your side most people are able to manage the hour and a half quite comfortably. All the camels are trained to do this and are very easy to lead.
In most locations where you can find camel riding, you can also find quad bike tours too.